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  • 20121220020213_poster 20121220020231_poster
    Mike Rundle

    Discover the inner secrets of great interface designers as we dive into the look & feel of popular iOS apps and find out what makes them so great. Learn about the techniques that pros use to build touchable, realistic interfaces that look like they're bulging off the screen. This session will analyze current interface design trends being used in top iOS apps, and will discuss how to incorporate these design techniques into your own apps.

  • 20130104052618_poster 20130104052624_poster
    Matt Williams

    Matt Williams describes Thread, a product recently launched by the business school to take a more holistic approach to learning. Thread is an online network of senior leaders that guides participants in the formal elements of programs, and through thought leaders and peers helps to continue that learning when back in the workplace.

  • 20121220053639_poster 20121220053644_poster
    Marty Andrews

    Cogent has an internal policy of financial transparency, which amongst other things means all employees know each others salary. To help make those salaries fair and value based, we put together a salary model to assess all staff against. This presentation describes how that model works.

  • Sell digital tickets, or share for free.

    Often participants can't afford to travel to a venue, but want to see the talks. Charge users to access your conference tracks or uni lectures. Share talks publicly with a wider community for free. It's up to you.

  • Show what really happened.

    Display everything the presenter did on their screen as part of their talk. Slides, videos they played, or websites they went to. Whatever got shown on the big screen that day is what your viewer can watch.

  • Convert investment of recording.

    Don’t waste the good content you pay to get recorded. With a minor adjustment to your recording setup, you can offer a quality online viewing experience to your audience.

  • Hug the planet.

    Don't worry about printing slide transcripts or mailing out DVDs of videos. Just share your presentations online with Eventer.

Got a bunch of talks to share, with people who can't be there?

That’s where Eventer comes in.

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    Record your speaker and slides.

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    Eventer helps you sync and encode the videos, like magic.

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    Viewers watch at a time that suits, flicking easily from speaker to slide.

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We've built Eventer for a bunch of folks.

And maybe you'll add to that list.

  • Event organisers

    Publish talks from a conference or community event. Enable participants to see speakers on tracks they missed, or revisit ones they loved. Your sponsors will like the extra exposure.

  • Corporate communications

    Share private company announcements with staff, regardless of location or busy schedules. Get the strategic voices of your senior leaders out to employees. Create a public channel to share key messages with media, investors or customers.

  • Educators

    Pre-record lectures for students, who can view multiple times to digest ideas. Share in advance of class, to create space on the day for solving problems and discussion. Build a library of valuable learning content to re-use over time.

What comes in the box.

Here's a taste of what you get when you sign up for Eventer.

  • Invite

    Go public, or keep it private.

    Create a public event, or a private one. If private, upload your list of viewers to invite - such as your company, or your university class. We’ll keep private events safe behind a secure login.

  • Supporters

    Show who supports you.

    Recognise your sponsors with branding, messages and key links. We’ll present their details professionally, so they get maximum value from their support. You control who gets shown where.

  • Administrate

    Administrate with ease.

    It’s simple to set up your channel, add events, and upload talks. Avoid re-typing details with our spreadsheet import. Get the speaker and slides nicely in sync with our auto-sync tool.

  • Create-presence

    Create your presence.

    Personalise your channel with your logo and messaging. Add as many events with as many talks as you like in each. Your channel has a simple link: yourname.eventer.com.

  • Create-events

    Create events, to share a collection of talks.

    Group as many presentations into each event as you want. There’s no limit to how many talks go into an event, nor how long the presentations themselves are. Add a splash image to quickly tailor any given event with the branding recognised by attendees.

  • Pricing

    Be informed on pricing.

    We’ll show you the number of presentations you currently have in your channel, to help you track your cost.

The bottom line.

Spend your time organising amazing talks, not calculating complex bandwidth costs.

$35 per talk, per month.

Eventer has no limit to the number
of viewers, views or talk length.

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The big small print

We don't like nasty surprises. So here is the regular-size "fine-print".

  • Each talk is what you pay for.

    Each time you publish a talk, we'll add the talk cost $35 AUD to your monthly total.

    We only charge for active talks.

    Active talks - those that are currently published on a public or private event - are counted toward your monthly cost. If you haven't yet hit publish on a new talk, or have taken a talk down that you don't need anymore, we won't count these.

  • There are no hidden costs.

    We do not charge extra for how many viewers you invite, for how large the video file size is, or for how many times viewers watch the presentation. The monthly active talk fee is the only cost.

    Subscribe monthly, cancel anytime.

    You pay a monthly subscription for the number of active talks in your channel. If you cancel, we’ll finish out the current month you’ve paid for, and then take your channel offline.